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Come and experience the versatile nature of Hyvinkää! We offer peace and quiet in nature. We make our way without hurry as we listen, watch and talk. The walks are arranged in Finnish and English.

Your contacts are Jukka and Mari Kivi.
            Tel. +358 (0)400 709 967 (Jukka) or +358 (0)40-73 78 101 (Mari)

The reservation schedule is flexible; we can arrange a walk for the next day if we are free. All walks can be modified according to the customer’s wishes. Let’s tailor you a wonderful nature experience! Organiser responsible: Solttila Lodge.

Gamekeeping Tour

A peaceful forest trek in nature around the pond (approx. 1 km). The route runs along a path that is easy to walk. During the tour we’ll get to know, for example, Finnish gamekeeping, scents and sounds of the forest.

During the tour you can get to know Finnish game at Solttila Lodge.

Departure from Solttila Lodge, Korpiharjuntie 241, Hyvinkää

Season: April - October

Group size: 5 - 30 people

Price: €40/person including a meal at Solttila Lodge

Kurkisuo Tour

A visit to one of the quietest places in Southern Finland. We can get to know the bog according to the condition of the participants and the weather, so either a long or a short trek is possible. We get to know some plants and hopefully see and hear animals of the bog.

You’ll need water-resistant footwear.

Meeting at Solttila Lodge from where we’ll continue by car to the bog.

Season: All year round
Group size: 5 - 20 people
Price €60/person including a meal at Solttila Lodge or alternatively out on the trek

Forest trek to Kalkkivuori

A forest trek that can include, according to the season, berry or mushroom picking and getting to know the grove flora of Kalkkivuori. The nature trail in the grruns approx. 1.5 km along narrow forest paths. There’s an old forest lodge that can be used as a base, and there’s also a traditional Finnish smoke sauna that can be heated for the trekkers by prior arrangement.

Meeting at Märkiö grill (along road 25), from where we’ll continue by car to Kalkkivuori.

Season: May - September
Group size: 5 - 20 people
Price: €50/person including a meal at the Kalkkivuori lodge Heating of smoke sauna €500/group

Solttilan Maja

Korpiharjuntie 241, Hyvinkää

040-73 78101 Mari Kivi
0400-709 967 Jukka Kivi


Tilat ja toiminnot

Solttilan Majan tunnelmallinen pääsali.Solttilan Majan tunnelmallinen pääsali.

kokoukset, virkistäytymispäivät ja erilaiset juhlat.

häät, syntymäpäivät ja muut merkkipäivät.

Riistapainotteinen tilausravintolamme palvelee myös pitopalveluna Solttilan Majan ulkopuolelle.

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Suositut fasaanijahdit tilauksesta.Suositut fasaanijahdit tilauksesta.

Kasvatamme jahtifasaanimme itse Solttilan alueella.  Järjestämme fasaanijahteja yrityksille ja yksityisille metsästäjille. 

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Elämykset Solttilassa

Solttilassa viihtyvät kaiken ikäiset vieraamme.Solttilassa viihtyvät kaiken ikäiset vieraamme.

Luonnon kaunis Solttilan alue tarjoaa kokemista ja tekemistä kaiken ikäisille vieraillemme.

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